The first time penalty abatement waiver

1.65 million individuals qualify for first time penalty abatement.  It can be used for individuals, business, and employers for the failure to file, failure to pay, failure to deposit and a few other common penalties.  Most taxpayers and tax professionals do not know about it.  Here is my article in the Tax Adviser that explains how it works.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


QuickBooks Files and Small Business Audits

This article addresses the concerns of tax professionals and their clients when the IRS requests QuickBooks backup files as part of an audit.  Read “IRS – Getting More Serious About Using QuickBooks Files in Small Business Audits.”

Are your independent contractors actually employees?

This article discusses an issue common to many small…and not so small businesses.  As published in AICPA CPA Insider.  Read Should Your Client’s Independent Contractors Really Be Employees? here.

IRS Matching Business Information Statements

This article discusses one of the IRS’ key initiatives in its struggle to reduce the tax gap.  As published by the National Association of Tax Professionals.  Read “Form 1099-K Business Income Matching” here.

First-time Penalty Abatement

This article sheds light on a useful, but often overlooked option within the IRS – First-time Penalty Abatement.  As published in, AICPA CPA Insider, CPA Letter Daily, and Accounting Today.  Read the full article here.